Your car cleaner is spoiling your car

You heard it right. Your car cleaner is spoiling your car. He is partly responsible for causing the scratches to the car. Well if he is not trained on how to remove the dust, how to wash, which cloth to use, then you have certainly given the cloth in the wrong hands to clean the car.

In India, most people take service of the car cleaner who cleans the car every morning in their locality or apartment. It is a nice feeling when you find your car Car Cleaning tips for Car Cleanerproperly cleaned when you head out to work. Completely oblivious to the fact that the car cleaners are actually responsible for causing multiple tiny scratches to the car. Most of them do not know the right procedure for cleaning the car or are in a hurry to complete 100s of cars every day.

This article is only focused on guiding the readers to correct the everyday technique of car washing process with their car cleaners. I am not going to discuss self-cleaning, professional car washing, car shampoo or other techniques. But if you are really particular about the paint and shine on your car then you must read this carefully.


Every cleaner brings water in a bucket and one towel or cotton cloth, rinses the cloth in the water and starts cleaning the car. Since nobody has time to spray wash the car first, they simply start cleaning the car with a wet cloth. The same cloth is used for the car body, glass and rim, and tires.


Have you understood the problem I am hinting at – “the dust particles”? If you do not spray wash the dust with gentle water pressure or dust the car with a dry cloth then you are asking for trouble. The cleaner takes the wet cloth and starts rubbing the car with dust all over it as the first step. In the process, he is carrying the dust particles with the wet cloth and rubbing against the body of the car. He uses the same cotton cloth to clean the body, glass, and wheels. This leads to multiple scratches on the car.


Here is a 3 step solution to maintain the shine on the car and keep it scratch proof.


Buy Microfiber cloth (at least set of 2). I use 3M microfibre cloth for all my cars.


Teach the car cleaner the right process. Use one dry microfibre cloth to dust the car and remove the dust completely. Then use the second microfibre cloth to wash the car and dry it. If possible use a 3rd microfibre cloth or even a cotton cloth to clean the rims and tires because they carry the most amount of dirt. As much as possible the cleaning should take place in one direction and not zig zag. You will have to provide these microfibre cloths and maybe pay an extra 100-200 rupees per month to your car cleaner for the special treatment every day.


Ensure that the bucket is washed properly and is rid of the smallest dust particle. This bucket should also be filled with fresh water. Even if you use a microfibre cloth but dip it in the dirty water then you are again carrying dust particles with the cloth and rubbing it against the car body.


I know it is easy to manage the above if the cleaner is a dedicated help or your driver. It will be difficult to ask the common car cleaner of the apartment who is there with his team at 4 am in the morning with a target to clean multiple cars in your apartment. If you love your car and want to maintain that shine then I am sure you will find a way. Wishing you all the best!