Transform your car in just 4 steps

Our heads turn all the way when we see a beautiful car. It could be the sound, alloys or just the paint job. We admire it and wish that we had one. Your wish is about to come true. How about making those heads turn with your own car. What if I said you can transform your car in just 4 steps in less than Rs.1 Lakh.

Most car lovers rush immediately to repair the dent in the new car. We take those scratches, dents, broken lights for granted as the years pass by. It could be lack of time, budget constraints, low priority, do not know where to start and more. According to me, it is not the lack of passion, I think it is lack of motivation. Maintaining a car requires dedication, time, knowledge and money. Assuming that you will find some time and money, let me share my 4 essential but not limited steps to transform your car. You may not require and may not choose to go for all the steps. So, depending on the condition of the car and goals play with these 4 steps to change the complete look of your car.


Transform your car - Emptying and Cleaning

EMPTYING – Throw the petrol receipts, toll receipts, restaurant bills if you don’t need them. Empty water bottles and plastic bags which might be wandering in your car. Remove the unwanted items or documents from your glove box. Do not forget to discard the unnecessary items in your boot, I prefer the boot as clean as my cabin. COST: Zero.

CLEANING – Give a nice professional car spa treatment to your car. COST: Rs.300 to Rs.700 for external foam wash. Rs.2000 to Rs.6000 for interior dry cleaning. Prices will vary depending on the type of car and garage.



Transform your car - Denting and PaintingA visible dent in a car is like wearing a wrinkled shirt. I will not be myself if part of my shirt is wrinkled for an important meeting. Same goes for my car, I don’t feel comfortable when it is not clean or sporting a visible dent.

Minor scrapes and scratches if untreated may require extensive repairs in the long run. If the damage is bigger then there is a possibility of corrosion and safety risks. In this blog, I’m not discussing denting and painting process or which dents should be fixed. I’m simply saying small or big just get rid of the dents and get the paint job done. This step is key in making your car look new again.

Cost: It varies depending on the number, size and depth of dents. It will also depend if you are just doing a touch-up or a complete paint job. Budget Rs.3000-5000 per door which includes removing the dents and painting it.


Transform your car - Tires and Wheels

This is most exciting and toughest part of 4 steps. Exciting because the wheels/tires change the look completely and toughest because there are so many options to choose from. It’s tough to decide which option is better. So, it’s better to give some time and check multiple options.

1. I recommend changing both wheels and tires

2. If you do not want to change the tires change the wheels at least

3. If you do not want to change either then give a good clean to the hubcaps – check 2 DIY methods below

BAKING SODA – Mix a half cup of baking soda with one tablespoon dish soap, and two cups warm water in a small bowl or a bucket. Mix it well and take a soft sponge and gently scrub the tires and hubcaps. If you want to be thorough it is better to remove the hubcap from the wheel. Spray it with water, clean and dry it before putting it on.

TOOTHPASTE – Remove the hubcap from the wheel and wash it properly with water and/or soap (water mixed with dishwashing soap will do). Dry it and then take some white normal toothpaste on a damp terry cloth and rub it nicely on all the areas of the hubcap. You are done, but if you want to add some shine, then take some car wax on a clean terry cloth and rub it again to maintain the shine on the hubcaps. That’s it put the hubcaps back and you are ready to go.

Cost: Set of 4 tires can cost Rs.10,000 to Rs.80,000, even more, depending on the size, usage, and type of car. Wheels/rims also come in many varieties and can cost Rs.30,000 to Rs.1,20,000 for a set of 4.


Transform your car - Head and Tail lights

A lot of people postpone the repair of the tail light or replacing the bulb. Headlights and tail lights can never be taken for granted. Both from safety and aesthetics point of view please attend to the lights immediately.

Please change your head and tail lights if they are very old, broken or not beaming enough light. If your lights are fine there is a good chance the light covers may not be clean or lost the transparency. If you want to DIY then you can use toothpaste technique as suggested for hubcap earlier.

Take some regular white toothpaste on a damp terry cloth and rub it on the headlight. You can also use a toothbrush to brush the light if it’s too old and wash it with warm water. Trust me you will see a significant difference. In the end, apply some car wax and rub it with terry cloth to provide a protective layer and then clean it with a clean cloth. Your lights will be shining and ready to go.

Cost: OEM head and tail lights can be expensive. E.g. Taillight for Hyundai i20 can cost approx. Rs.2000 and Headlight should cost around Rs.16500. It is rare that you have may have to change all the lights but depending on the car and number of lights damaged the cost will vary.


Car is my passion and loveEvery car, jeep, SUV has different characteristics. Different people will do different modifications to their vehicles. The idea of this blog is to motivate the car lovers to find the time for their cars. Drive them to make the changes they always dreamt of. Some of the things suggested don’t even cost money. For some even Rs.2,00,000 may not be enough to achieve the modification goals. The cost varies depending on the type of car, the extent of the damage, and modification goals.

I suggest making a plan of what and how you want to go about giving a makeover to your car. It will help in planning the timeline and budget. You do not have to achieve everything in one go. And there are many other things you can play with, such as exhaust, latest music system, stickering, performance, etc. I hope you make a beginning with these 4 steps and achieve your modification goals.

Do let me know if I can be of any help to transform your car. Wishing you all the best with your makeover goals.