Driving in the Rains – Why does the car stop?

Rains are always welcome with a smile in most parts of India. It is relief for people suffering from the heat wave. Rains are an excuse for children to play in the rains. And it is God’s gift for the farmers. However, it cannot be said the same about people driving in the rain and in traffic. People driving in the rain are often frustrated with the potholes, traffic jams and failing of car during the rain. It’s common to witness many cars breaking down during the rains. Therefore, I want to talk about why does the car fail or stop during the rains in Section-1 titled “Driving in the Rains – Why does the car stop?”

I will be covering Driving in Rains in three-part series as follows –

1. Driving in the Rains – why does the car stop?

2. Driving in the Rains – preparing the car for the rains

3. Driving in the Rains – change your driving style

Haven’t we all experienced a car breakdown in the rain at some point in our life? So, the question is why does the car stop or break down during the rains. I want to highlight what goes wrong with the car during the rainy season in this Section.

There are 2 primary reasons for cars to break down or not perform optimally during the rainy season –

1.Dampness and 2.Flooded Roads and Potholes


Dampness is the state or condition of being slightly wet. Condensation or Dampness takes place when there is a difference between the temperature and moisture levels inside and outside the car. Moisture or Dampness gathered on car parts can cause problems with the sensors, engines, and electrical systems.

Driving in the Rains - Why does the car stop?


Find the sources of dampness, check inside the car, the boot and also under the hood. Find all the leaks and try to close and dry them.

– Remove damp items like gym clothes, socks, shoes, wet towels and even wet umbrellas from- this causes

– Wash the car thoroughly, wipe the windows and vacuum to get rid of the dust in the car

– Open the windows and put the heater on while driving the car

– Dry the wet seats with a hair dryer

– Seal the leakage in the boot if there is any and dry it


Driving through potholes and broken roads filled with water can lead to trouble for the car. Water splashed through electronics can cause short circuit and malfunctioning. Driving through deep water can cause engine failure if the water goes above the air intake.

The running engine will suck up the water leading to engine shut down. There is a possibility of water compressing in one or more cylinders, bending or breaking of connecting rod, and displacement of pistons which can cause engine failure.

The car has more chances of breaking down in the rains if it is old and/or not maintained properly.

Driving in the Rains - Why does the car stop?


It’s best to avoid driving in heavy rains and flooded water. If there is no option, then drive carefully and slowly through deep waters. Avoid going too deep in the water and keep the air intake (exhaust) above the water.

In the next 2 Sections, I will be additionally talking about how to prepare the car for the rains and making some changes in your driving style during rains. This will certainly help you remain safe and not get stuck when you are running late for a meeting or a special occasion.

Section-2. Driving in the Rains – preparing the car for the rains

Section-3. Driving in the Rains – change your driving style

Be a SMART DRIVER in Rains!

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