Driving in the Rains – change your driving style

One should be smart and intelligent driving in the rains. Do not underestimate the water and its capabilities to push you off the road. It is advisable to change your driving style in the rains. This is the 3rd article in continuation of the 3 part series – “Driving in the Rains”. I covered so far –

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Driving in the Rains – Preparing the Car for the Rains

So what does change your driving style mean here? It means driving differently and safely during rains. I have divided the driving style into 3 parts –


Drive slow to gain control. As explained in Part 2 the mixture of oil and water make it slippery surface and it is dangerous to drive. Best is to drive slow. The heavy rains will eventually wash away the oil on the road then we have to worry about hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is when you get the feeling that the car is floating on the water. If it happens do not panic but keep calm and ease off the accelerator. Avoid turning the steering wheel too much. Try to maneuver the car in the direction you want to go and stop it on the side.


Avoid sudden braking and turning. There is a good chance of losing control during rains when brakes are slammed suddenly. Hence, it is important to maintain the distance between cars to be able to stop the car safely. You are also putting yourself at a larger risk by taking a sharp turn in a slippery surface. 


Switch on the headlights but use the low beam. Use the wipers and use the defogger to get rid of the fog. Some cars do not have the Air conditioner and sometimes air-conditioner does not work. A quick fix solution is to keep a chalkboard duster in the car to wipe the windscreen from inside.

Driving in Rains - Change your driving style

The tires need the grip to perform. The car loses control if driven too fast, braked suddenly and taking a sharp turn. Assess the situation and know the capability of your vehicle. Be a smart driver not only for yourself but also for the family especially during the rains.

 I hope you enjoyed the 3 part series – Driving in the Rains”? Do share your feedback and comments below.

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