Control Fog without AC in the Car

A few months ago when I was driving in rain with my nephew Ayaan who is 10 years old asked me this question – “Why does the Fog develop in the car?” I did explain it to him in the simplest way possible and it motivated me to make a video. I decided I will make a video to explain the process of condensation. Even though the intention was to make a simple video explaining the process of condensation, we ended up explaining a few more things. If you notice the title of this blog is – Control Fog without AC in the Car. I am not only explaining the process of condensation but also providing solutions to get rid of fog or mist without AC in the car in the video below titled “Control Fog without AC in the Car”

How to Control Fog without AC

Well, the simplest solution is to switch on the de-fogger in the car or roll down the windows to get rid of the car.

But what if you encounter the following situations assuming it’s raining and you cannot roll the windows down?

– There is no AC in the car
– AC is not working properly
– Don’t want to switch on the AC because it gets too cold (a lot of people do not even know that there is a heater in the car or there is no heater in the car)
– Don’t want to switch on the AC because of rising fuel prices

I have tried to provide solutions to the above problem through this video. We definitely dramatized the video a little, I hope you like it.

And those who are into rallying and happen to drive in rains, fog is inevitable. I faced it multiple times while driving in a few rallies. During one of the Dakshin Dare Rally, I had to ask my navigator Dhananjaya to keep cleaning the window when we were driving through Coorg stages during rain. In the rally car, we remove the Air conditioner to reduce weight and increase performance. Secondly, we have to keep the windows rolled up for safety reasons. Fog is evident in these conditions, so the solution explained in the video will be helpful to counter fog in rallying too.

What do you do when you encounter any of the above situations? Do share your ideas and thoughts in the comments section below.

I will be happy to provide solutions to any other car related problem you may have. Do share your topic of interest.

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Wishing you safe driving!