What is a Competition License and how to get one?

We all are passionate about bikes and cars. There are many who seriously want to enter the world of racing. There are many who want to build their career in motorsports. Some find the way and many don’t. Motorsports in India has a long way to go. Better information, facilities, infrastructure and support will help to grow the support. I intend to discuss some of these topics which will help motorsport enthusiasts find their path to their dreams. This blog will cover what is a competition license, the different types of licenses, eligibility, and how to get one?

To enter the world of racing a vehicle, skill, guts and some money is required along with a competition license. The competition license or Clubsport license is required to participate in any competitive event in India or abroad. This guide will provide a better understanding of the different types of licenses issued by The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI).

So, what is a competition license, why do I need it, who issues it, how much does it cost – I know you have a lot of questions, let me address all these questions and help you ease the process of securing a competitive license.

It is a good news that FMSCI has made the process of applying for the competition license online and you can submit all the required documents, pictures, etc. FMSCI has worked hard to make the process simple, seamless and online but technology sometimes has its own challenges. If the online link doesn’t work you also have an option to apply offline. I have provided links to both the options in the articles for 2 Wheel and 4 Wheel competition licenses in the blog below. You can check here too – 2Wheel4W Rallying4W Racing

Q. What is a Competition license?

A. Competition license is a license issued by Federation of Motorsports Clubs of India (FMSCI) required by motorsport enthusiasts to participate in motorsport events in India and abroad. Competition license is issued after submitting all the required documents and submitting medical history form attested by a doctor. This process confirms that you are fit to drive or ride in a motorsport event.

Q. What is an Entrant License?

A. Entrant license is a legal entity and individual entrant is mandatory for all 4 Wheel National Rallying, Drag Race, Autocross, Hill Climb, Racing and Karting events but not required for Club-sport or open events. The drivers covered by Team Entrant License do not require Individual Entrant License. Drivers, service team or an organization can apply for a non-manufacturer team entrant license. The manufacturer fielding the drivers in their cars will participate in the event under the manufacturer team entrant license.  

2 Wheel riders are exempted from having an Individual Entrant License for any 2 Wheel event, but a manufacturer or a non-manufacturer can take part as Team Entrant in 2 Wheel events.

Q. Who issues these Licenses? 

A. The Federation of Motorsports Clubs of India (FMSCI) issues the Competition and Entrant licenses. The FMSCI is the only national motorsports federation recognized by the Government of India for the promotion and control of motorsport in India. FMSCI was founded in 1971 and is a long-standing member of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) and the Federation International de l’Automobile (FIA), the world bodies for 2/3 and 4 wheeler motorsport respectively. [supsystic-tables id=6]

Q. How much does it cost to acquire these licenses?

A. Having completed all the formalities and after acceptance of the application by FMSCI you will be paying Rs.1770 for a 2W full license, Rs.295 for a 2W Clubsport license, Rs.2950 for a 4W Rallying or 4W Racing license, Rs.472 for a 4W Clubsport license, Rs.3540 for a 4W Individual Entrant license and so on and so forth. Please see the detailed costing and requirements for all the formats at these links – 2Wheel4W Rallying4W Racing

Q. I am a first timer and not sure which license should I apply for?

A. Click on the pictures below titled “Competition License for 2 Wheel” or “Competition License for 4 Wheel Rallying” or “Competition License for 4 Wheel Racing”.  These links will direct you to detailed tables in every category and help you determine the right license for you. If the question is about Clubsport license vs National competition license, then here is my advice – if you are just beginning then it might be better to start with Clubsport license and participate in events with local clubs. As you gain experience and build the confidence you can graduate to participating in national events and get a competition license. Anyways, you can always make a competition and/or entrant license whenever you are ready. 


Competition License for 2 Wheel Racing


Competition License for 4 Wheel Rallying


Competition License for 4 Wheel Racing

I encourage you to use the online process to save time and can get the license faster. You will have to meet a doctor, arrange and scan the documents, and submit everything online. It is best to plan ahead of time. FMSCI will reject your application if you don’t provide the required information and submit the essential documents.
Feel free to let me know if you need any help with the license. Wishing you all the best with your competition license and racing.